Arnhart Cemetery

Arnhart Cemetery, Established c. 1850

The Arnhart Cemetery is located on the Tollie Bixler farm, northwest of Copeland. Copeland is at the junction of Arkansas Highway 16 and Van Buren County Road 166.

The maps below can be used to locate the cemetery.

Map 1: Arkansas

For most visitors the easiest way to travel to the cemetery is to first drive to Clinton Arkansas, usually via US Highway 65.

Map 2: Clinton Area Map

At Clinton you will turn on to State Highway 16 West.

Map 3: Archey Creek Area Map

Continue on State Highway 16 West to Copeland. You will pass Crabtree about half way between Clinton and Copeland.

Map 4: Copeland Map

At Copeland, turn right on to Van Buren County Road 166. You have 2.2 miles to go. Drive down the canyon until you come to a single lane, low water bridge. Once you cross the bridge, turn left immediately. Continue on a short distance until you come to a fork in the road. Take a left here.

At this point, travel south a short distance until you reach the access road to the cemetery, which is a right hand turn up the hill.

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